If you know me, you know my obsession with Feminist Apparel. They're shirts and socks are staple pieces in my hospital wardrobe providing comic relief and remind doctors that "Femme Ain't Frail". Well, now I have the exciting opportunity to partner with Feminist Apparel as a Feminist Ambassador!

For a long time I've wanted to start a Sick Chicks Scholarship Fund. I've realized through my own college application process that there are very few college scholarships available for students with illnesses and disabilities - especially rare diagnoses - and most of us can't get any merit or sports scholarships since we didn't go to traditional school or physically can't participate in sports. College is also extremely expensive if you aren't able to get a scholarship of some kind, and with medical bills the cost of tuition just isn't feasible for many families. You might be asking, "Well, then why not get financial aid?" This is where things get complicated. On paper, many of us don't need financial assistance, but there are so many other factors. These illnesses aren't acute and we'll be paying medical bills our entire life, we can't afford to take on that type of student debt on top of it. Many of us take off-label medication, we can't function/wouldn't be alive without it, but insurance doesn't cover those meds. (...Which is why we need OPEN ACT, sorry I had to.) Also, many chronically ill students take longer to graduate because we are unable to take the full course load required, which adds to expenses.  It is a really horrible feeling knowing that paying for (overpriced...but that's a separate fight) life saving treatments, might be the reason that you can't pay for college or other things to allow you to participate in life. 

So, I want to help. Hopefully by the end of this year we will have the first application for a Sick Chicks Scholarship! Women's education is extremely important and finances due to health circumstances should not be a barrier to education. Go to www.feministapparel.com  and use the promo code 'SHIRA10' for 10% off and $3 of each purchase will go to helping start this Scholarship! This code is reusable, so don't worry Sick Chicks has got you covered for all of your gift giving needs coming up for Fall and Winter. Every dollar counts, please, please share! 


Sick Chick