Sisterhood & Sexuality Summit

Sick Chicks hosted our first annual summit on August 4th, 2018 in Orange County, CA. The event featured two educational panels with experts on reproductive care and healthy relationships, with a focus on providing young women with varying illnesses and disabilities the tools they need to advocate for their reproductive rights. Panels included physicians from Cedars-Sinai, Children’s Hospital of Orange County and more along with a representative from Lunette, and Fight2Breathe’s Caleigh Haber, and many more. The summit had over sixty people in attendance and we’re looking forward to expanding in 2020.


“Sexuality is such a taboo subject, especially for people in the disabled community. Thank you so much Sick Chicks for starting this crucial conversation.” // Hannah

“The summit was so informative and interesting. […] I especially loved hearing other peoples’ perspective living with illnesses and how it affects their relationships and outlooks on life because it made me realize I’m not alone. And what the panelists were saying I could relate to. Being a space where people with various illnesses could unite made me feel empowered.” // Cheyenne

“To see women from all walks of life telling their stories and seeing different perspectives was humbling. And it also gave power to my own story.” // Nicole


Come To an event near you

A key piece of Sick Chicks is hosting events that bring together our sisters. Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and accessible space for young women to be themselves and support each other.

Our Local Leaders are stationed around the United States and have the capability to host events both cyber, such as tweet chats, and in person, such as karaoke nights. Some age restrictions may apply depending on the event, but usually all events are open for Sick Chicks aged 13-30. Head over to our "Calendar” page for details of upcoming events!