Ambassador applications

Sick Chicks is looking for passionate women who want to help share our message of empowerment and unity through hosting events, raising money, spreading the word on social media and more! We invite you to apply to become a brand ambassador. 


Social media influencer

  • Spread the word about Sick Chicks on social media

  • Promote events in your area

  • Have your own personalized promo code for our Sick Chicks Swag

  • Help moderate our social media channels with Take Overs

  • Assist with cyber campaigns

Local leader

  • Be a big sister!

  • Host Sick Chicks Events

    • Karaoke Nights

    • Movie Nights

    • Spa Days

    • Self Love Clubs

    • ...And more!

  • Have public speaking opportunities in your local community

  • Be a bridge between some of your favorite organizations and Sick Chicks

  • Raise awareness about Sick Chicks

  • Be a leader in legislative advocacy in your community

  • Get community service hours




  • Be a link between your school's accessibility center and students

  • Host awareness events for different illness and disability communities

  • Fundraise

  • Speak around campus and in your local community

  • Bring care packages to Sisters in need at hospitals

  • Hold Sister Nights and other fun events for the Sick Chicks on your campus (see above events under "Local Leaders")

  • ...And so much more!