campus chicks scholarship

The college application process is extremely competitive and stressful for everyone, but even more so for Sick Chicks Sisters who often have to worry about explaining transcripts, finding adequate medical care near the school of their dreams, and making sure the school will be accessible and able to provide accommodations necessary.

While there are a large amount of scholarships out there, there are none that fit the unique circumstances of our Sick Chicks Sisters who might not qualify for merit scholarships due to health or athletic scholarships due to disability, so Sick Chicks is creating one.

The Campus Chicks Scholarship is coming soon and will be available to Sick Chicks Sisters interested in pursuing either policy or health sciences in their higher education.

summit stipends

Sick Chicks Sisters face enough barriers to accessibility, so Sick Chicks has decided to offer stipends to our semi-annual summit to ensure that price is not a prohibiting factor in attendance.

Applications will be linked once open.

the moore hope scholarship with dysautonomia international

Sick Chicks created the Moore Hope Travel Scholarship, named after the late Amelia Moore to provide travel and lodging assistance to individuals ages 14-24 seeking to attend the annual Dysautonomia International conference. 

Applications will be linked once open.