America the beautiful. America the brave. 

America...what the hell have you done? 

You've shortened my already limited lifespan. You've shaken my LGBTQ friends to the core. You've taken me back to the night I was sobbing on the corner of my bathroom floor because I lost a friend to gun violence and another because of lack of accessible healthcare. 

Best of all, you've made it seem okay to forcibly take women against their will. 

Come 2017 we will have a president who mocked a disabled reporter on national TV. Come 2017 we will have a president who wants to make gun laws even looser than they are already. Come 2017 we will have a president who promotes grabbing women by the pu$$y. 

I cannot stand by and watch this happen. I keep waiting for someone to come out and yell, "Gotcha!" But, this is our future. 

Please someone justify any of this to me: A young, disabled, woman who knows what it's like to have choice taken from me. 

So, please someone explain this to me. Because I'm completely lost. 

I will continue fighting and keeping my promises to those we have lost for a better future. A future where being a white, wealthy, man doesn't allow you to get away with rape, homophobia, sexism, ableism, and racism. 

Empowered women, empower women and now we have to stick together more than ever. 


A Nasty Woman