I've been on a Disney Throwback kick lately, can you blame me for the nostalgia? Buzzfeed's article seriously got it right when they said the 90's are coming back and just repeating them-self. Anyway, I found my favorite old Disney song, "Cinderella" by The Cheetah Girls. It is a standout feminist anthem in a sea of "someday my prince will come"s whining about life only beginning when the handsome man comes to rescue the girl who can't survive by herself. 

Don't see this as an anti-Disney rant, because trust me, I love Disney as much as the next person. I can quote any classic Disney movie to you and I'll happily break out in High School Musical any time, any where - you can Bet On It. But, my parents raised me in a feminist household where I wasn't allowed to watch the Disney Princess movies as a child because of their anti-feminist, body shaming, etc. messages. (And we wonder why I'm the activist freak I am today?) 

I am a strong, independent woman. I will not be like Cinderella. My "dark, cold, dusty cellar" is my health, hospitals, and even my own room that holds me prisoner at times because of being too sick to leave. But, I'm not waiting around for a "prince to come and set me free". I know that the only person who can save me is, me. So, when the question of why I handle my health in the way I do (with jokes, smiles, writing, and advocating) is asked, well,  it's because I refuse to be the woman who ends up like Ariel/The Little Mermaid with her voice taken away. I have a voice, a powerful one, and I want to use it for the better. The fairy tale life isn't for me, that much is pretty clear. To quote one of my absolute favorite Disney princesses though, "I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this." This has always been much more of my motto. My Sick Chicks Sisters help me handle it. Advocating for health policy helps me handle it. Writing helps me handle it. Listening to music, swing dancing, watching Netflix and so much more help me handle it.

Wanting a prince by no means makes you weak. In fact, all relationships are extremely important and I'm currently asking for people to submit Spotlights specifically on this topic (so if you're interested in that - please email your submissions through the "Let's Talk" page). However, there is a problem with the idea that women can't be the heroes of our own stories. My challenge for you is: instead of waiting for a prince to save and love you, try saving and loving yourself. 


Sick Chick (aka, She-Rah; the warrior princess)