The other day my mom said to me jokingly, "Normal people tour colleges their junior year, not hospitals, why can't you be like normal people?" I, of course, had a snarky response, "Because. That'd be boring." But, after a while of thought I realized just how true that statement is. 

I hate the expectation of normalcy. What even is normal? A standard the media created to make us feel inferior about our lives. Just because I'm not the "cheerleader-prom-queen obsessed with boys and partying" that every high school TV show and movie says I should be, doesn't mean I'm abnormal. It just means my normal is different.  

My normal is not feeling well. My normal is working incredibly hard just to keep up. My normal is constantly being disappointed by the state of my health. My normal is getting to go on the wildest adventures (like my quest to find Wally and DC in February). My normal is meeting the coolest, most inspirational people (shoutout to my WAM Fam). My normal is writing for hours on and hours on end (well, you get to see some of that). But, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Because. That'd be boring.

Something I've learned along the way: normal is abnormal. We're all unique and we should celebrate that instead of trying to live up to this unachievable standard set by media. My life may not be perfect or "normal", but it is crazy, beautiful, and certainly not boring


Sick Chick