I think it's time to let go of some toxicity in my life. As you can tell from my last post - there's a fair amount hahaha. So, as one of the commenters on Facebook suggested, I'm going to write it down and then let it burn. I'm having a bonfire/Let It Burn party! I don't know who I'm going to find that trusts me with fire, but you know minor details. Writing is therapy for me, but setting stuff on fire sounds pretty good too. So, me and some friends are going to write down the toxic things that are holding us back and then dump them into the fire. There will be music - let's be real, it's kind of a Taylor Swift moment here, so I've got to play it up - food, and maybe some dancing. Just the perfect way to let the things that we can't change go. 

I'd like to address some comments on my last post:

I know B's intent was not to injure me as severely as she did, but she was trying to embarrass me (long story), and didn't realize what would happen or think of the consequences. It was a rule that you don't touch or stretch other kids in class, and she broke that rule. Also, there was supposed to be adult supervision in this dance class, but the teacher was in the bathroom texting and could have prevented this from happening too. 

I don't blame her for my genetic illnesses. My spine surgeries and my pain syndrome can be linked back to that injury. But, genetics are genetics, can't exactly change those (don't you wish though?). This injury however was my trigger event (I will be doing a later post specifying what trigger events are) and without it I could've had a lot more healthy years or my problems in the future would have been much more minor. 

I didn't send her the link. I think seeing her with my family member dragged up old wounds and made them feel fresh again. It was extremely therapeutic to get this out there and now it's just that, out there, not bottled up inside. 

Finally, something important to me is being open and honest on here. Sometimes stuff from the past gets dragged up and sometimes I'm in the hospital, sometimes I'm dealing with stress from school and sometimes I'm advocating for change. This is my story, my voice, and my truth. I'm not going to censor myself.

I want to thank you for being a supportive community. I want you all to know that I'm always here for you, I have an open email/message policy with my readers. If you ever want to talk, vent, whatever - I'm here. And, please join our Facebook community and have the support of other sick chicks because no one should go through this alone. 


Sick Chick

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