If there is one thing I hate – it’s being sappy. And this post is going to be so beyond sappy, but that’s because it has to be. Because the person this blog is about is just so perfect in my eyes, is my inspiration and mentor that only a sappy blog post can do her justice.

Amelia Moore.

I first met her when we were roommates in the Children’s Institute’s Pain Program in Pittsburgh.  I was 11 and she was 19, but she still took me under her wing. Before she got there I was quiet and stayed in my room during free time But that all changed when Amelia came. We had pizza parties with the nurses at midnight to give you an idea. She taught me how to make the best of any situation and always have a smile. She taught me so many more things too (like how to use a tampon, the value of Gatorade, the joy of I Love Lucy).


I’m an only child, but Milly, she’s my big sister. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her having been a part of my life, especially early on when I was just getting diagnosed. I am not the only person Amelia has affected. There are so many people who love her all over the country. We’re all blessed to have her in our lives.


I consider myself especially blessed because Amelia got to take her first and only plane ride by herself to come and visit me out in California. When she visited I was just starting my freshman year of high school. She was with me for another major life event and that was very comforting. We got to go to the beach and she got to put her feet in the sand and the ocean, crossing two items off of her bucket list. We also got to do a big day outing and go to LA. We saw the Hollywood museum that had an entire room dedicated to her favorite television star Lucille Ball.


As I’m sure you can tell from the tone of this post, Amelia is not doing well. In fact, based on her thyroid levels she should be in a coma. Milly is a fighter though, many believed she wouldn’t be alive for this long. She is the strongest person I know.


She has made an incredible impact on my life. I hope I’m making her proud with everything that I do.


I love you Milly, so, so much.


Your Little Sis