So I’ve decided I’m going to be doing a new segment on this blog that I’m calling “Life Lessons”. When I turned 15, my mom decided to start giving me life lessons. After that I started collecting pearls of wisdom from people wherever I went. In fact, when I turned 16 my birthday present was a poster of life lesson quotes from my family and family friends. It’s hanging in my room.

One of my favorites from my mom is, “life is about reframing”. To be honest I don’t really remember how it came up. But I do remember the lesson behind it. Basically, it means that like a picture frame, life can crack at the most unexpected moments. We have to put the pieces back together. It may not be as beautiful or perfect as the original frame, but it will be unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

When you become ill your world seems to fall apart. What matters is how you pick up the pieces after your diagnosis.

While this life lesson seems tailor made for those living with illness it is very applicable in all kinds of situations. Since I am a high school student my mind goes directly to grades when I think of examples.  I’m a pretty good student if I say so myself. This past year though I had a really hard time. My school wasn’t working with me on accommodations, my health was getting worse, and I had become depressed. For the first time ever I got a grade worse than a B+. To me, that was equivalent of my picture frame shattering. It was the kick that made me get my act together. I started seeing a therapist, tried harder to work with my school, and looked for another school to switch to for this coming year. No, I didn’t end up with straight A’s and my school didn’t suddenly decide to start accommodating me. But, I still ended up with good grades, I’m leaving that old school, and I’m super excited about all of the possibilities with my new school. So, in some ways this new frame is better than the old one.

I hope you can apply this to your life and find it useful. As I said I will be continuing “Life Lessons” as a segment of the blog, so if you have any life lessons please email them to me!


Sick Chick 

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