Hey everyone! 

For Rare Disease Day 2016 I am creating a video to help the cause of bringing awareness. My goal is to have spoonies and non spoonies along with pictures and facts in this video. I want to show the good and bad of these rare diseases that we have to battle each day. 

Those who are not spoonies can be part of this video by sending in pictures of them holding signs with encouraging words for those who battle each and everyday. 

For the spoonies, there are two options you can choose from. You can choose whichever you feel most comfortable with. 

       Option #1: Send in a picture of you holding a sign with words to describe your battle. Example: I am a fighter / I am not my disease / Warrior / etc. 

        Option #2: Another part of my video is a special feature portion. For this portion you can either submit a short video clip or a few photos of daily life with a rare disease. 

Along with your submission of either photos or a video clip, if you could send me your name / age / and names of your disease(s) that would be great. For each disease that I have a representation for I will be adding in 2-4 facts. For diseases that I don't have photos for will most likely receive 1-2 facts depending on how many submissions I get. 

Thanks in advance for helping me with this video. 

-Taylor N. 



Here is my contact info if you have any questions 

Personal Facebook: Taylor Nearon

Email: teamtayloragainstmcad@gmail.com

Instagram: taylorrr_nearonn