On Saturday several brave people with Dysautonomia (including myself) did a beach 5K to raise money and awareness since this month is Dysautonomia Awareness Month: MAKE NOISE FOR TURQUOISE.

Dysautonomia is the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, meaning that everything an able bodied person’s body unconsciously controls for them, a person with Dysautonomia's body doesn’t; heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, temperature etc. There are different types of Dysautonomia and there is also general Dysautonomia. Personally I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and general Dysautonomia. POTS: when I sit up or stand up my blood pools to my extremities, so it doesn't circulate, my blood pressure tanks, my hear rate skyrockets to compensate, and I pass out. I’m on medication to help keep this from happening.

(For information go to Dysautonomia International)

So, why were we so brave to do this 5K? Well as I said with Dysautonomia temperature control is an issue. We should’ve thought ahead and figured Southern California on the beach means it would be ridiculously hot, but no we did not. Also, heat lowers already tanked POTS blood pressure. It was very hard to keep hydrated out there, which didn’t help. Most of us didn’t run, I ran for a little bit, but very quickly regretted it. The 5K was on the beach, and the sand messed with my joints. Plus, my own screwed up situation with my back.  Get this: I had old people making fun of me for how slow I was walking.

So, I guess we weren’t brave, but stupid… Oh well, we had fun, raised awareness, raised money, and everyone had amazing naps after!

Everyone who went to the walk got decked out in blue to show their support for Dysautonomia Awareness Month. My friend and I had on blue lipstick and blue eye makeup. We had splatter painted t-shirts in my backyard the week before. We even had blue super hero capes, plus flower crowns – because we’re basic California girls like that. My friend had a blue tutu too (try saying that three times fast…). There was one woman with a blue wig, it was awesome! The best probably was one of the only specialists for POTS in San Diego came to the walk. He was such a good sport and even put on a blue feather boa for the walk!

So, what did you do for Dysautonomia Awareness month? Post comments, pictures, whatever! I want to know. And head over to Dysautonomia International to learn more about Dysautonomia and ways you can be invovlved.

(I know I posted their link earlier, but here it is again)


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