I have the best friends in the world, hands down. My friends make me laugh when I'm about to cry, they're there for me in my darkest moments, and they're there for me when I want to wage war on bad doctors. My friends make being in the hospital a better experience, at times even fun, which I know sounds impossible. 

This hospital stay one of my good friends, Kayla, is in the unit next to me and we've been inseparable. Kayla even has a sign on her door telling nurses to come looking for her in my room if she isn't her own. I was so upset that I had to come back to the hospital (let's be real no one wants to spend their free time here), but I knew Kayla would be here too. She's become my partner in crime. I've kind of corrupted her...whoops...

Being in the hospital together is a bonding experience like no other. You have people poking and prodding at you. You have people asking you all kinds of embarrassing questions about poop, pee, and your "girl parts" - inside joke, don't ask. At some point it just doesn't phase you, and you realize you've lost all sense of modesty and pride. This is why you form a special bond with people going through similar experiences. We're able to laugh at situations healthy people wouldn't be able to.  

I mean who else can you do hospital dares with? Who else can you get in baby cages (hospital cribs) with? Who else realizes dry shampoo and moisturizer make much better gifts than balloons? Who else will play Crazy Eight's until you actually go crazy? Who else will make pinky promises about "no more hospital play dates"? Who else will throw hospital ragers with TSwift? Who else will cuddle with you when it's been a week since you last showered (real talk)? Who else will help you achieve your dreams of (IV) pole dancing? 

Sick Chicks will do all of this and more. I'm forever thankful for the Sick Chicks in my life.

Shoutouts to: Ellie my fellow IV pole dancer who basically lived at the hospital with me, Laura who helped keep me distracted and made sure I didn't get lost, and Savannah who drove over two hours to see me and screamed at the ceiling with me. Thanks for everything - love you all! 


Sick Chick 



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