Hey guys, I’m back! I know it’s been forever, but that’s what surgery does to you – I’m sure you’re all familiar with it. An update on my surgery really quickly is that everything went really and, for once, having EDS worked to my advantage because my spine was so flexible the surgeon was able to get it pretty much straight instead of 20 or 15 degrees like in most scoliosis cases with curves like mine. But it’s now official, I’m screwed up (as if I didn’t know that before) but now I have screws going up my spine to prove it. Like my best friend says ‘I’m screwed for life’, but lets be honest, who isn’t?

Anyway one of the worst things post surgery is the constipation. My other best friend discovered how bad the constipation can be because she had the same surgery a few weeks after me. For confusion sake let’s call her Curvy Girl and my other best friend who says I’m screwed for life Burlesque. So Burlesque and I were visiting Curvy Girl in the hospital when Burlesque came up with a new trend #prayforpoop because Curvy Girl and I were so constipated. We even got the nurses saying it. On our way out of the hospital all of the nurses came up to us saying #prayforpoop. That’s when it all started. Everyday after that in our group chat we would text ‘have our prayers been answered?’ as a way of asking have we had any progress on the constipation front.

You may be wondering why I’m blogging about this, but I think this is important because a lot of people on here have gastroparesis or other constipation problems and its horrible to have to be embarrassed by them. Instead of being super awkward around my best friends like I could have been, Burlesque was the one to create the hash tag making me and Curvy Girl so much more comfortable. Now, with the three of us there are no boundaries none of us have filters and when we’re together there should probably be a camera recording at all times to capture the stupid stuff we say and do. That being said, I still don’t always feel comfortable talking about my health issues and especially constipation. But you know what? Crap happens – or at least it’s supposed to. So I might as well get comfortable. Maybe #prayforpoop can become a running joke with your friends, family, or even doctors and – like it did for me – help you not to be so awkward and embarrassed about this kind of stuff. Lets get #prayforpoop trending because if you’re like me you need as many prayers as you can get.

 Lots of Love and Prayers for Poop

Sick Chick