Hey guys! Wow it’s been a long time, I’m so sorry about that, recovering for surgery and doing summer homework has been keeping me busy. I mean really why do teachers not understand the concept that summer is supposed to be a break? Anyway that’s not what I’m here to blog about. I’m here to talk about my hero – Benadryl. We have all of these amazing holidays to celebrate some very special things, but I have come to realize we don’t have any holidays that celebrate what are probably the most important things in our chronically ill lives’ – medication.

 I don’t know about you but I think our medications deserve a holiday of their own, or at least some sort of recognition for all they do for us. I bow down to some of my medications because of what they do for me and the positive impact they have had on my life. Benadryl helps me not have anaphylaxis reactions, not be as itchy, and get some sleep, Zofran helps me not be nauseous (lets face it that’s huge), Theophylline, Xoponex, Brovana, which all help me breathe (pretty important right?), now I’m not going to make you go through all of my meds that would take way, way too long but I’m sure that from this you can understand why I think we should celebrate our medications. Bow down to Benadryl, or whatever your ‘drug of choice’ is, it deserves a little gratitude for all it does for you.

 I’m planning on updating sooner because I want to do a back to school post; I know how stressful it can be getting ready to go back. If anyone has any coping techniques or advice for lockers, how to deal with teachers, stress from homework, or anything else let me know and I’ll include it in the post! Email me at sickchick@tcapp.org

 Lots of Love and Gentle Hugs

Sick Chick