April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) awareness month! I was lucky to speak with Leah from Chronic Love Bracelets, who has IBS. I spoke to her about this project she is developing as well as her experience as a Sick Chick. Interviewing her was an absolute pleasure and my hope is that you all check out her project after reading this!

Leah found Sick Chicks after being diagnosed with IBS eight months ago. When I asked her what life lessons she learned from being sick she told me,  “I can’t just sit on my butt and feel sorry for myself.” This particularly stuck out to me because it’s a quality I see in many sick chicks, the desire to turn their situation into something positive, which Leah has done.

Leah is the founder of Chronic Love Bracelets, which are handmade, customized friendship bracelets she makes for women with chronic illnesses. “Each bracelet contains the colors that correspond with the customer’s awareness colors associated with their chronic illness(s). The bracelets have hearts on them to represent that they are not alone in their struggle. Having a chronic illness can be so isolating and depressing and just flat out sucks.” Leah told me. The goal of this project is for people to “wear their Chronic Love Bracelets and see that they are loved and supported and not alone in their fight with their illness(s).”

After receiving her diagnosis, Leah was inspired to start Chronic Love Bracelets and help others in similar situations, while simultaneously helping herself. “I was home in pain 24/7 and was really bored, depressed, and fidgety. I remembered how at summer camp I used to make friendship bracelets and thought that it would be a good way to keep my hands busy. I started Chronic Love Bracelets at the end of November and I have sent out a little over one hundred bracelets to women around the globe!”

Leah is wanting any and all involvement in this project from our community! “I am always looking for people to promote Chronic Love Bracelets over any type of social media! I also love donations in the form of Michael’s Craft Store gift cards, Cash, or string donations to make the bracelets!” Visit her website to make a donation or nominate someone you know (or yourself) to receive a bracelet.

Once again, thank you to Leah for being such a boss sister and here at Sick Chicks we look forward to supporting your project and seeing it grow!

Follow Leah at: 

Instagram: @chroniclovebracelets

Website: ww.leaveittoleah.us Email: eah@leaveittoleah.us


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