I don’t know where to begin or what to say. First off, I am Elizabeth Milstead, the founder and CEO of Girls in Purple Company. I started the company when I was fourteen years old in hopes to raise awareness for other chronic illness fighters across the world. When I was fourteen, because of the pains I had in my hands, I could barely write or function with them. In an attempt to help others and make my hands grow stronger, I started to make my own jewelry and sell it. Soon Girls in Purple blossomed and has grown over the past year or so in so many ways. My company isn’t just a jewelry company. It is a community of chronic illness fighters and human beings fighting through the daily struggles life throws at us. The motto of Girls in Purple is “Life is a beautiful gift” which is so true!! If anything I’ve learned from chronic illness is that to never take ANYTHING for granted and to always be thankful for the good and bad days. Girls in Purple now has a team of 5+ interns, 35,000 + followers on Instagram, and a community of chronic illness fighters that unite through the darkest times in life. We should never be alone in this fight because WE MATTER. We matter and have a purpose. I know it’s tough. I know it isn’t easy but if we unite together we can beat our chronic illnesses once and for all.

I am technically an undiagnosed chronic illness fighter. Doctors say I will never know what my illness is because I’ve been sick for so long. I have been sick for almost three years now and am the age sixteen almost seventeen. Doctors know though that I struggle with chronic pain and fatigue which is why I advocate both of those in my business. After these path couple months of debilitating struggle, I came to the realization one morning I wanted more. I wanted to raise even more awareness and felt as if I was being called by God to make a difference. I am so happy to share with all of you that my business Girls in Purple is expanding into a print magazine. I am absolutely in awe over all the support I’ve gotten and cannot wait for this print magazine to come out. YOUR story matters so share it. Help make a difference with me. If we join hands together, we can beat our chronic illnesses. We can beat the pain and suffering we go through every day. There is light at the end of the tunnel my friends, I believe it and so should you. Help me create something beautiful. I am blessed to have Shira from Sick Chicks helping me spread awareness. She is going to share her story and her organization in the first issue of the magazine. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me to be apart of this. Don’t hesitate to share your story because your story deserves to be told. You deserve everything loves. You really do.

I love you fellow spoonies and chronic illness fighters from the bottom of my heart.

xx, Elizabeth Milstead, @elizabethmilstead on Instagram