Withdrawal: Searing pain. Drenched in sweat with involuntary shaking because you are so cold. Yet there is no fever. Your pulse races. Your vision blurs. Everytime you stand, you risk falling because you're too weak and too dizzy. Your brain feels fuzzy. It's hard to think because you are so overwhelmed. Your brain screams at you from the squeezing pain. You see things, hear things. Maybe not every time or all the time, but even one time makes that always set in the back of your mind. The nausea overwhelms you. You're doomed whether you eat or stay away from food. Then the effects of not having that specific medication on board set in. For antidepressant withdrawal, you get the emotional mess of not having medication to balance out your mood. You go from angry to happy to a crying mess. Your blood pressure goes up and most of the time you end up in the ER. Doctors see this all the time yet still allow people to go through it. They cut off meds, change them too quickly, mess up the weaning process, and don't even bother to make sureyour calls get through to them.  That is the reality of withdrawal. Not all people who go through withdrawal are addicts. Some of them are people just like me.

This post was written by Gabriela Baker, you can follow this journey on Instagram - @thosespooniestories