My Woman Crush Wednesday this week is myself. Yes you read that right. I don’t normally post personal stuff on Instagram but I am today…for starters I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve been so sad or angry about my situation that I thought I was going to lose my shit. And honestly 98% of those battles have been behind closed doors. Because I didn’t want anyone to feel bad for me or be a burden to anyone OR when I was willing to open up nobody was around. So who was there to pick myself back up all the times I’ve been knocked down? Who’s been to hell and back more times than she can count? What’s gotten me this far? Who doesn’t put up with people’s bullshit? The answer is simple…I’m the one who’s picked myself back up. I’m the one that doesn’t allow myself to be treated like shit. I’m the one that made it through hell and back. And (even though a lot of family has helped however they could, which I’m forever and eternally grateful for) ultimately I’m the #1 person that’s gotten me this far when I probably realistically should’ve been dead by when. I never usually say good things about myself, but I’m starting to realize how important self-love is. I want to take the time to acknowledge myself and how many obstacles I’ve overcome in my life and say that I’m hella proud of the fighter and advocate I’ve become.


Written by Morgan McCastor

Originally a #WCW post on Instagram


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