Growing up I wasn't allowed to watch Disney princess movies. My mom hated the anti-feminist, body shaming, heteronormative messages the plot lines pushed. I didn't like this rule as a little kid and was ignorant to the issues, but now I'm beyond grateful. Instead of being raised in a household that furthered the "Damsel in Distress" complex, I was taught to be independent.

The idea of waiting on someone else to rescue me was completely foreign, so when I first encountered what I have now coined as "Savior Syndrome", I was baffled.

Savior Syndrome is when a man believes it's his job to come and save a woman, take her away from her terrible life, be the answer to all of her problems, and eventually become her world. This is extremely prevalent with sick chicks because of the way media fetishizes and romanticizes illnesses and disabilities. 

I am a human being, a very sick human being, but nonetheless a human being. I am not a piece of inspiration porn or a tool to help men feel like a hero. I already know how valuable, precious, and fragile life is, I don't need a man to teach me any of that. Everyday I am determined to make the most of whatever time I get here and live ruthlessly, I don't need a man to motivate me. I already know how to raise hell and scream louder all by myself. My (lack of) health is a part of me and isn't "fixable," especially not by a teenage boy. I am the hero of my own story, not a man. And if I do "get saved," it'll be by myself not because of some want-to-be Prince Charming. 

I'm not saying all men have Savior Syndrome, I'm just saying media pushes these harmful ideas and when men do have it, its very problematic. I don't believe that every guy that wants to date a sick chick is only trying to save her, I just recognize it is an all too common thread. I'm not a "man-hater" either. However, I do hate Savior Syndrome and the archaic, sexist ideals it reinforces. 

Sick Chicks Sisters: I implore you to speak out against Savior Syndrome, get busy living on your own terms, and grab a sword because you do not need a knight or prince. You are all empowered, boss ass bitches who don't need to be saved, no matter what Disney says. 


Sick Chick 




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