Amelia will always be one of my hardest goodbyes.

The moment I met her my life was forever changed. I don't know if I believe in fate, but there's no other explanation. Words cannot express how special of a person she still is. I don't think people are inherently bad or good, but to this day she makes me question that belief because of her pure goodness that radiated throughout her.  A fire blazed so brightly in her soul those lucky enough to get close weren't burned, but ignited.

On paper her life was a tragedy, but in reality it was beautiful. Her unshakeable faith shone in even the darkest hours. She wore strength like the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Sunsets, bucket lists, my first ever snowy Christmas, and chipotle chips - that's how I'll always remember Milly. She might be gone physically, but her message lives on. She poured gasoline on the flickering embers in my own soul, which have now grown into an unstoppable wildfire.

Fearing death is pointless, what we should really be terrified of is not living life to the fullest. Amelia taught me it's not about how much time you get, but what you do with the time you're given. So make mistakes, sing and dance in the rain, celebrate the small things, laugh loudly, don't wonder what could've been, be present in each precious moment, take risks, make a lasting positive impact on this world, commit random acts of kindness, cry and embrace the tears running down your face...just whatever you do - ruthlessly live.

We all only have so much time and it shouldn't be wasted putting out fires. Instead we should all follow Amelia’s lead and start them.


Sick Chick

Love you to the moon and back, big sis, over and over.