Gift giving is hard. You never know how much to spend on someone and you have to find that right balance between being thoughtful, but not looking like you care too much in case they got you some generic gift card. Gift giving for Sick Chicks can be even harder. I mean, what do you get the girl who stays in bed all day and has enough cozy socks and blankets to last a life time? So I'm here to help you out with an official Sick Chicks approved gift list for all of your holiday, birthday, and any other gift giving occasion needs. 

Cozy Socks - Okay, I know I just said this list would be an alternative to cozy socks, but let's get there even such a thing as too many cozy socks? No, there is not. Here are links to some of my personal favorites.

Cute, Affordable Compression Socks from Sock Wizard

Rosie the Riveter Knee Socks (for when you're not feeling well enough to stomp on the patriarchy, but still need to get the message across somehow) from Mod Socks

"I'm a girl, what's your superpower?" Socks from Joy of Socks

Sneakers - Now that you've got the socks, you might as well go full out and get the shoes too. It's really hard to find cute sneakers that are actually good for you and oftentimes Sick Chicks have lots of special needs with our feet. One company, Zero Tie, actually had Sick Chicks and disabled people in general in mind when designing their shoes. What makes these sneakers so different is their hands free technology, meaning while the shoes have laces, you don't need to bend down to tie/untie them making them accessible. Zero Tie sent me a pair to try out and let me tell you, I'm in LOVE. I will say that they can take a bit of time to get used to, but it is definitely worth it. They're incredibly comfortable, supportive, and fashionable. If you want to be matching with me, check out the black Rocky Raccoons and if that's not your style, don't worry that have more colors

Dry Shampoo and Leave in Conditioner - Remember that whole "staying in bed" thing? Yeah, dry shampoo and leave in conditioner become your best friends so that you aren't a gross, greasy mess (and even if you are, you do your thing girl). Some Sick Chicks can have scent sensitivities, so in my list I'm including a list of my favorite fragrance free products too. 

No Drought (and no scent) from Lush

Literally Any "Not Your Mother's" Product from Ulta

Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil and Coco Butter Extracts Smoothing Leave in Conditioner from Any Drug Store

Playlists - This one is 100% FREE and straight from the heart. You can make a playlist of music, or even one of movie/TV show recommendations. If you want to go the extra mile you can write a letter with it to share why you chose each song or movie. 

Doggy Chew Toys - A lot of Sick Chicks have service dogs and if you're looking for a cute and thoughtful last minute gift, get a something for their pup! A company called BarkBox offers a monthly delivery of "dog toys, treats, and total bliss." (Sounds like a good deal to me.) This kind of subscription can be super useful for Sick Chicks who might not be able to get to the store to pick up new toys and treats for their dogs and knowing something is coming monthly even just for six months can take a lot of pressure off. 

Lounge Wear (especially ones that can double as "real people clothes" when need be) - I have mastered the art of wearing pajamas in public without anyone knowing what I'm doing. While I have absolutely no shame in wearing my flannel cupcake pajama bottoms out to the grocery, there are times when I want to look more put together, but also don't have the energy to put on jeans. 

The Flannel Jogger Bottoms from Victoria Secret

Contrast Trim PJ Shorts from Forever 21

Aerie Ribbed Sleep Leggings from Aerie

Lounge Wear (especially ones that make you feel good about yourself) - Every girl deserves to feel beautiful whether she's been bed bound for days or out dancing at a club. Sometimes all you need for this confidence boost is a little secret weapon. A company Sick Chicks is working with called Slick Chicks sells cute and accessible underwear that snaps on the sides instead of needing to be pulled up! These should be on every girl's "must have" list whether you're a Sick Chicks Sister or not. Currently they come in basic black, white, and nude...but a little red surprise might be coming up (you didn't hear it from me though). I'm also linking some of my favorite bralettes. (Don't worry they don't have underwire, because really, why even wear a bralette if you're just going to add underwire at that point it's a just a bra, right?)

Out From Under Lace Halter Bra from Urban Outfitters

Nightwalker Hayden Strappy Back Bralette from Pac Sun

Lace-Trim Racerback Bralette from Charlotte Russe

Red Lipstick - She wears her strength like the perfect shade of red lipstick after all...

Creeper Ultra Matte Lip from Colour Pop

Vice Lipstick in F-Bomb from Urban Decay

Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint in Mystic Gypsy from NYX

Sick Chicks Swag - A bit of self promo here, but head over to our shop. All money goes back into Sick Chicks and helping us to spread the message of empowerment and unity to women all over the world with varying illnesses and disabilities, plus we have some pretty cute stuff if I do say so myself... Here are a few of my personal favorites!

Kill The Bill Not The Ill

Sicker Than Your Average Chick

Est. 2015

Hopefully this list helps lessen the internal freak out that gift giving can bring on and will inspire some presents for the Sick Chicks in your life. 


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