Netflix and Chill - I literally mean watch Netflix and Chill. If I invite you over to "Netflix and Chill", there will be no funny business. There will be lots of Netflix marathons, food binging depending how my stomach is, and if you're lucky we might even take a communal nap.

"Stay Healthy" - I hate hearing this with a passion. Refer back to "Talk Medical To Me (Part 1)" definition "Pretty Ill" - I can fake it with the best of them and 9/10 times I never look how I'm feeling. I have a chronic illness (another definition to refer to), meaning I won't just get better or become healthy. I will be sick for the rest of my life. Yes, there will be better days, and worse days. But, telling me to "stay healthy" is an insult and rubbing my face in something I can never have even though I know that isn't what you mean to do.

"Baby Docs - Residents, fellows, etc. Anyone who is in school to be a doctor; sometimes do not have enough experience yet and often go by the book, which causes ignorant assumptions especially for those with complex diseases" - Maura 

Vagina - Yes, I am referring to female genitalia, but sometimes residents don't feel comfortable using correct anatomical terms and say "girl parts". All parts of my body are girl parts, therefore you have to be specific. I have a hand, I have a foot, and I have a vagina. Let's all say it together - Vagina! Vagina! Vagina! Better?

"Vog Mask - The thing that makes you look like a badass post apocalyptic ninja, all while protecting from the germs of the world!" - Savannah

Privilege - Something you have that you can't control. You can't control you're race. You can't control your health status (to an extent - you can control whether or not you smoke, you can control whether or not you have healthy eating habits, etc.). You can't control your sexuality. Those are all privileges depending which status you are because someone (the privileged) are the majority. You shouldn't be ashamed of your privilege. The point is to acknowledge that privilege is there and influences daily life. A big part of this is being contentious and just "watching your privilege" based on your audience. An example of "watching your privilege" would be not complaining about needing to watch what you eat in front of a tubie. 

Mobility Aids - Wheelchairs, canes, walkers, etc. these are seen as symbols of limitation, but they're called mobility aids for a reason, because they allow those of us who are disabled to be mobile and live an active life. I know this was in the past, and not to drudge it up again, but this is one of the huge reasons the "Kylie Jenner Magazine Cover" controversy was so infuriating for those of us who use or have used mobility aids. She viewed the wheelchair as a symbol of the limitation her fame (which is a privilege?) puts on her, but a wheelchair is freedom. 

Family - I talk about my Sick Chicks family a lot, and it's because you guys (my readers, community, other Sick Chicks) really are family to me. Family isn't defined by blood. Family is who is there for you when you need it the most without question. Family is your biggest support system and your biggest champions. Family just gets it. Family is a connection of souls that when you meet people it's just undeniable, the bond is often as strong, if not stronger than blood. 

"Neurology - Brain/nervous system doctors. The closer they are to the brain, the more egotistical and bitchy." - Savannah

Paramedics - The hot guys on ambulances moms use as a bribe so we'll let them call 911 

"GI Doctors - The ones who are paid to ask about your pooping habits." - Savannah 

Shoot up - To do a medically necessary injection in a sketchy bathroom and feel like a druggie 

"Sterile - Super clean. Cleaner than the house after your mom found about people coming over." - Savannah

LO2 (pronounced low-2) - meaning to be lacking in oxygen (O2), deoxygenated,'s just a bit of a problem. 

 "Allergic Reaction - When your body tells you NO in capital letters. Usally involving a lot of freaked out nurses/parents and a lot of meds." - Savannah  

Morbid Jokes - Things sick chicks say (such as, "I might die young, but at least I'll die smart") in front of non sick people who aren't as accustomed to death and don't find such jokes funny. 

1 in a Million - I know, every parent thinks their child is special and 1 in a Million, but Sick Chicks usually are literally 1 in a Million, and should be treated as such. Because we are a 1 in a Million a good motto is "expect the unexpected", there's not really many people like us whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, we're never really sure. 

Service Dogs - Dogs that are trained for specific tasks i.e.; being a seeing eye dog, helping with mobility, picking items up, opening doors, etc. Can be taken anywhere with owner. Must go through an intense application process to be considered for a service dog. 

Emotional Support Dogs - Dogs that are for people with anxiety, depression, etc. and can be used for comfort. Can be taken most public places with owners. *click link for more information about this*

Therapy Dogs - Dogs that are taken to play with children and adults (mostly children) in hospitals, but don't have the rights of Service and Emotional Support Dogs, so they can't be taken into stores or restaurants with their owner. 

"You're too young to [be this sick, be dealing with all of this, etc.] - Needs to stop being said because bottom line is no age should have to deal with all of this and illness knows no boundaries. It can happen to anyone at any time." - Morgan 

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