Over the past few years I’ve noticed something. There is no one like me in the media.

Yes, there are stubborn characters, smart characters, sarcastic characters, characters who love writing, etc. But, when I watch a television show or a movie I can’t relate to the struggles the characters are going through.

Yes, it’s unrealistic that a character will ever be exactly like me. But is it too much to ask for there to be some disability representation in the media?  Sure, there’s that one girl in a wheel chair in that one episode where the main characters are learning a lesson about kindness and acceptance. And sure, there are shows like Red Band Society or Chasing Life. But, in their attempt to be inclusive and educational, these shows actually perpetuate ableist culture.

For once I’d like to see a main character on a Disney show or an ABC Family show that has a disability or is sick. One that isn’t used so blatantly to up the diversity, like on Glee (that show just makes me so mad for so many reasons), or for the “sympathy card”. A character that is accurately portrayed whose story isn’t just about their disability or sickness. I know I’m asking a lot (yes that was sarcasm).

We go through the same struggles as everyone else. We have school problems, we have boy/girl drama, we have family drama, we have trouble picking out our clothes. We do all of the same things as any able-bodied or healthy person does in a Disney shows; we just do it while being sick.

It’s 2015. Why isn’t there a show with a sick or disabled character whose entire storyline isn’t about their illness? Why is this a crazy concept? It shouldn't be. 

…And that concludes my soapbox. Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts!


Sick Chick 

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