1)   “But you don’t look sick”


a.     “And you don’t look stupid. Oh well, guess we were both wrong.”
b.     “What exactly does sick look like?”

2)   “Aren’t you kind of young to be using a wheel chair, walker, cane, etc.”


a.     “Aren’t you kind of young to be so ignorant?”
b.     “It’s a new fashion trend. It’s all the rage in London. It must not have made it to America yet.”

3)   “You just want attention.”


a.     “Yes because having to find handicap accessible entrances/exits is so much fun. So is fainting. I really recommend it.”
b.     “There are easier ways to get attention. Like being a mean girl/boy for example.”

4)   “You sure do sleep a lot. You should try to get out and do stuff more.”


a.     “Why do you think I’m so pretty? Because I get my beauty sleep. Maybe you should try it sometime.”
b.     “Well as Twitter says; sleep and Netflix are bae.”

5)   “Why aren’t you better yet?”


a.     “I’m a method actor and I have an audition for Red Band Society coming up.” b.     “What part of chronic do you not understand? Go pick up a dictionary.”

I hope you liked these and found them useful, or at least funny! If you have any more or better ones post them in the comments :)


Sick Chick