Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long, it’s that stressful time of year with AP’s and finals. I just finished school, so I’m officially on summer – thank goodness! So, anyway I’ve had some uncomfortable experiences lately and it made me want to post. Being a chronically ill person you tend to get lots of stares. Because of your scars, or tubes, or wheelchair, or braces, etc. At any age this is uncomfortable. Especially as a teenager or young adult it’s hard. Is that cute guy/girl looking at you or your wheelchair? I know I wrote another post about insecurities and embracing your sexiness, but this one is a little different.  

We don’t have something most people do; control over their own bodies. I can’t control when my heart rate skyrockets, when I lose vision/hearing, etc. I can’t control my insides, but I can control my outsides. I know I talked about how just putting on fun clothes can make you feel better about yourself even on the worst days. This also helps with the whole “are they looking at me or my chair?” it’s helped me say, “no they are looking at me because I look damn good today”.  

If they are going to stare, may as well give them a reason to. Wear a statement necklace, have one of those flash tattoos, wear some awesome new makeup, or be like me – have your hair a different color almost every month. I know not everyone is going to like my hair, heck, my dad doesn’t. But it makes me feel good and confident, which is what matters.  

We are slowly changing and educating society and I truly believe that eventually we will live in a tolerant society where everyone’s differences are accepted. But until this goal becomes a reality let’s not let the ignorance of some bring us down. I’ve accepted that people are going to stare at me. I might as well choose why. 


Sick Chick