A is for anemia that brings new meaning to being fair

B is for Benadryl, just bow down  

C is for the clots that didn’t get the memo

D is for the Dysautonomia that spellcheck doesn’t recognize

E is for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that makes my joints dislocate  

F is for the “funny” things my doctors say

G is for my Girl Parts, which are okay (inside joke – don’t ask)

H is for the hospital aka my home away from home 

I is for irony, there’s just too damn much

J is for the jokes my body likes to play

K is for my kidney stones that just need to go away  

L is for laughing, because that’s all we can do

M is for my mast cells that are on the offense 24/7

N is for Netflix and Chill, as in literally

O is for oxymoron, what my body is – emphasis on the moron

P is for the PICC lines that didn't work out so well 

Q is for questions, there’s just too damn many

R is Ritalin, because it keeps me upright

S is for my screwed up spine

T is for how Tachy I am, especially this time of year

U is for UTI, which is an “I” problem

V is for Verapomil, which makes me less tachy

W is for all of the wrong diagnoses I’ve gotten

X is for the X-Rays – it’s the inside that counts right?

Y is for yucky tasting meds, you’d think they’d figure this out by now

Z is for Zofran, my personal drug of choice, it’s seriously the best


And that’s my chronic illness ABC’s – I’d love to see yours! Tag me in posts, I like to see what you guys are doing in the community, and follow me on my social media accounts.

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