I had a hard time starting this post, which is weird because it should be easy to write about how amazing my dad is and how thankful I am for him. I think it's because I don't tell him enough.

Most of my medical life is spent with my mom, she goes to the majority of my doctor appointments with me, she travels with me on medical trips, she stays overnight with me at the hospital. So, somehow he gets passed over in the appreciation, but dads are our unsung heroes. At least my dad is mine. 

My dad has given up so much since I got sick, such as never getting a full night's sleep. I know my dad will move mountains for me - heck he flew up to San Francisco for one day because it was the only place to get my IPV (a breathing machine that I need) fixed. My dad will make sure I get whatever treatment I need, whether it's on the east coast or the west coast, whether insurance will cover it or not. When I had to do IV antibiotics every 6 hours for two weeks he would wake up at 4 am to give them to me - here's the best part - he'd be careful not to wake me up too! Yes, we've had some horrible moments, which unfortunately have been happening a lot lately. These moments show me how strong our daddy-daughter bond truly is. I can come to him with anything, he's always a shoulder to cry on. 

No, my dad doesn't get to do typical daddy-daughter activities like seeing me in a dance recital, but he gets to see me lobby The House and Senate and watch violent movies with me, so I think we're still doing alright.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you so much.  Even if you love Bandit our blind dog more than me. 


Shira :)