So sorry I haven’t posted anything since, what? Thanksgiving I think! Life got caught up with me, I’ve had a never ending sickness because of my immune system, finals, and the most important and best thing…winter formal! Finals sucked – when don’t they? For all my friends who don’t have chronic pain who complained about having to sit in a room for 2 hours and write well I just held my breath and tried not to laugh at how easy they had it. I mean my wrist was dislocating while I was writing and I couldn’t focus because of spasms, and lets not forget about having to sit in one position for that long with out even being able to stretch. But I digress. These are the things we have to get used to and deal with, but it’s nice to vent through the blog. If any of you want to vent about anything the comments section is open and my email is always good too, for those of you who need it.

But onto the good stuff, formal! Dresses, makeup, hair, nails, and of course high heels. Gotta love them right? I for one do, they just don’t love me back, but that’s like my relationship with a lot of things. Dancing in heels is another story, you have your balance to deal with (or if you’re like me – lack of balance), you have your chronic pain, and you have your basic I’m in heels and my feet are killing me and blistering pain too. To me though it’s all worth it in the end if you have fun and don’t make yourself too much worse. I made myself sick this time, but it wasn’t really my fault. It just turned out my immune system decided to have a tantrum and since I had a massive infection in my lungs through my sinuses it was bad. So in the end I still think it was worth it. I want you to share your “formal moments” you know the stuff you do that while it could make a little worse ends up being so worth it in the end because you have an amazing time and create memories that will last forever. Putting a kind of positive spin on things here right?

Hope everyone is doing well :)
Sick Chick

By the way if this is poorly written or parts don’t make sense…I’m on codeine I’m like half asleep and one hundred percent out of it. Love you all for not judging! Until next time