Sicker than your average chicks


Sick Chicks is a sisterhood made up of some of the most badass, body positive babes around dedicated to uniting and empowering women with illnesses and disabilities.  


talk with Us

Whether you want to vent about chronic illness, have a speaker come to your school, or give us suggestions on how to improve - we want to hear from you! Reach out here!

the original sick chick

Shira Strongin's original blog under the pen name "Sick Chick" is what gave her the idea to start this international community.

"I still enjoy writing about my life experiences and hope you find them enjoyable and insightful or just something to identify with."

Read it here.

Welcome to the Sisterhood

We know you are doing something to make a difference!  If you want to be a part of the Sick Chicks, we would love to have you. Be sure to check out our Spotlight program that highlights Sick Chicks like you right here!