My Hope


My hope is that we are able to build a support network of strong  young chronically ill and disabled young women who choose to make a positive difference in the world we live in. Sick Chicks is a place to showcase our abilities, passions, uniqueness and strengths with the hope of empowering others.  Below is just a preview. Our community is strong!  Click here to who else is taking part or contact me to join us.


love packages

pay it forward

I’ve been in and out of many hospitals and it’s not fun. This organization, Love Packages, which is run by teens, sends out personalized care packages to make hospital stays feel more comfortable and homey. This could be something really big for the chronically ill community. Right now Love Packages is raising money to bring more smiles to patients' faces. 

Eye 2 Eye

Educate about Ushers

I am a teenage girl in a little town in the state of South Carolina going through high school with a eye disease known as Ushers Syndrome. Ushers Sydnrome is a rare disease that affects both eyes and ears. I am here to make a change for the world and to reach out to others about impairments.

made by mer

Websites for a cause

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orhostatic Tachycardia.  I want to raise awareness about these illnesses and raise money for organizations that support the rare disease community.  And because my life has been positively impacted by so many, most of all - I want to encourage everyone to give back.